(A) Electric vehicles, EV components and sustainability


  • Global perspective on EV growth and key market trends for passenger and commercial vehicles
  • Quantitative market model for describing market structure based on customer uses cases
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) model for assessing market break trough of individual models in specific markets from economic perspective
  • Understanding of boundary conditions (e.g. legislation) for key markets (e.g. USA, Europe, China)
  • In depth perspective on EV component cost and performance (e.g. batteries, e-motors, power electronics)
  • Understanding of sourcing landscape for key EV components (e.g. Li-Ion battery producers)
  • Perspective on key levers to increase/ensure corporate sustainability along the value chain
  • Quantitative market model for describing market structure based on customer uses cases
  • Proven methodology to enhance corporate sustainability and achieve impact in sustainability rankings

E-mobility is one of the key markets trends that are influencing the automotive landscape. Since major OEMs already developed at least a midterm EV strategy, it is especially for suppliers important to develop a strategic perspective on their portfolio regarding alternative drivetrain components.
Timing is the key variable to successfully laborate the opportunity of the EV evolution. SAC supports in accessing the timing and developing a market entry strategy around the specifics of the individual company’s situation.

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