(E) Further areas of expertise


  • Identification of relevant customer target group based on statistical data
  • Definition of core brand value proposition including describing its values and facts
  • Defining processes to ensure brand positioning is guiding product development
  • Sales strategy committed to volume target broken down in respective levers
  • Optimize wholesale and sales structures (e.g. footprint, incentive/kick-back models)
  • Pricing/options strategy
  • Define holistic optimization plan to eliminate the expenditure of resources not related to the creation of value for the customer
  • Lean Transformation of production sites leading to significant and quantifiable efficiency improvements
  • Identification and realizing of cost levers through corporate-wide/business unit-wide bundling of RFQs and effective preparation of supplier negations

Besides our core areas of expertise, we gained further experience through cross-relevant topics such as branding, marketing and sales. We developed for an local Chinese OEM a new branding strategy through 1) identifying the relevant customer target group, 2) defining the brand incl. core brand value and all facets and 3) setting up an realization plan to execute the entire strategy across all corporate identity (c-design, c-communication, c-behaviour). Furthermore, we analyzed the sales funnel (awareness-consideration-desire-purchase) to understand, which marketing measure is required to maximize sales output.


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