Your Colleagues – Meet the SAC Team

Dr. Markus Seeberger

One of my first projects at SAC was with an OEM startup who intended to launch a battery electric vehicle in Europe and China. This project included developing a positioning strategy for a new brand, identifying a suitable target group, and specifying detailed product attributes. Finally, we identified several additional business models around the vehicle and developed a transparent business case that can be used as a management tool for financial planning and project steering. To start a vehicle project from scratch and the high degree of engagement made this project special. In other projects I analyzed the automotive smart charging market and entry strategies in the automotive operating system market for an IT supplier.

A focus on international projects, most current topics, a broad automotive expertise, the passion of all employees for automobiles, and an amazing team spirit make working at SAC an unique experience. I also would like to mention the active company culture with fantastic regular events (e.g. summer camp).

I hold a master’s degree in business administration from the Friedrich–Alexander University Erlangen–Nürnberg and a PhD from the University of St. Gallen. In my doctoral thesis, I studied the transformation of the automotive industry toward electric mobility. In my spare time I like to hike in the mountains, play the guitar, and watch soccer.


Karam Chehade

When I started my position as a consultant at SAC, I was immediately posted on a project with an international recycling company looking to expand its activities into the EV recycling business. SAC quickly astounded me with the level of professionalism, depth of analysis but also automotive expertise which were played essential roles in the projects. From day one, there was a culture of welcoming proactive attitudes and rewarding involvement.

In other projects, I got to work on the product strategy of a Chinese EV newcomer, several EV battery recycling projects, as well as the elaboration of product strategies for several companies – from startup to established OEM. Being part of a firm with a such diversified portfolio has in fact never stopped to be thrilling and puts SAC in a unique position, combining German automotive passion with a forward-thinking international mindset.

I hold a master’s degree in power engineering from the Technical University of Dresden and have prior experience in the field of new energies, particularly hydrogen. Ever since I have started my position at SAC, I have had manifold opportunities to put my past knowledge into practice. I keep looking forward to projects to participate in and new colleagues to work with!


Tobias Blücher

Soon after joining SAC, I was able to gain my first experiences as a consultant with SAC. In my first project we advised a Chinese OEM on the development of a brand and portfolio strategy. This was the perfect opportunity to bring in my automotive industry expertise in brand and product strategy. On this project, I was able to manage and execute my own workflows, which I think is the perfect way for a steep learning curve. Most exciting part of the project was to present the findings and strategy recommendations to the client’s top management.

The team is truly committed to SAC’s motto of “Inspiring Leaders”, which leads the drive to achieve excellence in our daily work tasks. This creates a working environment that allows me to bring out the best of myself and that encourages my personal growth and ambition. In addition to the top consulting methods and the automotive expertise in the company, what I appreciate most about SAC is the team spirit, where we always help each other. This team spirit is not only embraced in the daily work routine, but also at the company’s team events such as the summer camp or at the Wiesn.

I hold a master’s degree in economics from the Humboldt University of Berlin and a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Freiburg. Prior to joining SAC, I was able to gain professional experience in venture capital and investment banking. In my free time, I like to go on road bike trips through the Munich countryside or visit Munich’s numerous “Biergärten” and “Wirtshäuser” to enjoy a few beers and delicious local food. In addition to that I am a huge sports fan and my favorite sports to watch are soccer and American football.


Torsten T. Resack

My start at SAC before 15 months was what I would wish for any new consultant: after a very warm welcome by my new boss, switching from “Sie” to “Du”, receiving my new mobile device and company laptop, and a short introduction to SAC, 2 hours after entering the SAC office I was already in my first client call. A start like a sports car. Great fit to an automotive consultancy! Sure, a few days later a comprehensive on-boarding followed but from the very first moment I was part of the project team and worked for my first SAC project.

And while this project was automotive related it was not a “pure” automotive project: the project’s goal was an evaluation of the German EV-battery recycling market for a recycling company and an analysis of the EV-battery recycling strategy of the German OEMs. This project represents SAC’s project landscape: the projects are not “only” for automotive manufacturers, but always have an automotive connection. My second project was centered around the mobility services market in China, and afterwards I worked for an Asian telecommunications company that wanted to enter the market for automotive applications to a greater extent. Only the fourth project was for a “real” car manufacturer.

That’s what I like about SAC. It’s all about cars, and yet the variety of projects is extremely large. The fact that 2/3 of our customers come from abroad makes the work here very exciting for me. We have a great atmosphere amongst our team and I am very thankful for what I learned in my short time being here from my colleagues and from my automotive enthusiastic boss Martin.

I am currently working on a general MBA, that I will finish in December 2022. Before moving to Munich and my start at SAC I worked for another consultancy boutique for 3 years and lived in Frankfurt. Before being a consultant I worked as protestant pastor, most recently in Jerusalem. In my spare time I love mountaineering in summer as in winter, free-riding and poetry slam.