(D) Product strategy and development


  • Holistic perspective on design of automotive products development processes and broad overview on benchmarks across the industry
  • In-depth understanding of individual process steps within the PDP (e.g. lead time for sourcing decision of individual parts/services prior SOP)
  • Extensive experience in guiding vehicle projects through the concept phase of the PDP in order to ensure coherence to brand, meeting of customer demands and cost targets
  • Perspective on future customer demand based on proven market data and individual interviews
  • Alignment of existing product portfolio with group offering (e.g. EV strategy) and with customer planning (e.g. OEM cycle plans)
  • Identification of potential markets for the product placement and determining the optimal pricing for the chosen market
  • Experience in defining the product positioning and the related communication in order to meet expectations of customer target group
  • Elaboration of the distribution strategy to push the products in the right sales channels

Developing new products or entering new regional markets can only be successful, when the supplier understands the demand for its potential customers. Which OEM is producing what models at which location? When are the SOPs of new models and when is the right timing prior to these SOPs to approach the OEM with the own product? And very pragmatic: Who is the contact person for a new customer (e.g. Chinese local OEM)?
SAC has many years of experience in understanding OEMs product development processes and has a deep insight in the different phases to understand which component will be sourced when. Furthermore, we have a detailed perspective on the cycle plans of the various OEMs worldwide to elaborate the market potential.

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