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Advancing commercialization of a hyper-connected EV platform

Monetizing Money

SAC’s competencies were requested for commercialization of an innovative and hyper-connected vehicle platform that was developed by one of the world’s largest manufacturers of consumer and professional electronic products.

In this project we were able to develop a systematic and global screening of suitable customers for the BEV platform and independent systems. We developed a holistic overview based on industry expert interviews, accompanied with secondary research and the use of SAC’s underlying database. Working collaboratively with our client, we assessed potential customers based on a scoring model. Furthermore, we compared revenue models, such as different licensing concepts, on a qualitative and quantitative basis. A mapping of the competitive arena completed the analysis.

As the result of our work, we came up with recommendations and a precise roadmap with key milestones that were presented to the top management of our client.


Fostering automotive production with leading edge additive manufacturing

SAC was doing a project for a worldwide leading technology company in 3D metal printing that has already been working successfully with automotive OEMs in the luxury segment. The client, headquartered in the USA, was considering licensing its proprietary software and production system as complete end-to-end solution to OEMs and, therefore, required a clearly quantified and thoroughly explained value proposition as well as pricing model for its system.

During this project, SAC derived a customer-focused value proposition of the additive manufacturing end-to-end system over conventional development and manufacturing processes. The comparison of its value proposition to the next best competitor and quantification for specific customers (OEMs) gave our client a clear perspective regarding the pricing and licensing structure for initial negotiation with OEMs. The scope of the project also included the development of an extensive cost model and technology roadmap as internal steering tool as well as an initial estimation of the addressable market size based on cost roadmap.

Based on project results the client has a clear perspective about the value of its end-to-end development and manufacturing system in comparison to traditional systems. Additionally, the cost model serves as an internal monitoring and steering tool that helps them to maximize the value of 3D printed components.

Bringing automotive lightweight to the next level with carbon fibre

SAC was requested by an oil & gas company to identify opportunities for non-metallic material applications in the automotive industry, and to develop an automotive go-to-market approach.

In this project, we identified key drivers and trends for changing demand for non-metallic materials in the automotive industry. We conducted expert interviews with OEMs, suppliers and universities as well as analyzed potentials for improvement in existing non-metal materials production processes. We designed a comprehensive cost model for non-metallic materials, allowing a forecast on non-metal material demand in the automotive market. Furthermore, we researched on innovative non-metal materials and respective processes. In addition, we took a closer look at value chains for selected opportunities and assessed feasibility.

We concluded by estimating the perspective on investment, revenue and P&L in the selected opportunities and sketched go-to-market approaches with an indicative assessment of M&A compared with partnering and organic growth. As a result, we provided our client with a detailed feasibility study including a risk assessment and support with the go-to-market.